VerifiedID Avatar Minting

Get VerifiedID Avatar so then you can get extra capabilities with VerifiedID Credential Card via service.

VerifiedID Avatar is a NFT ERC-721 token on Polygon block chain. It is provided free (gas fees are minter responsibility), one NFT per wallet. We'll add more to the total supply as necessary.

Note: Minting service is provided via thirdweb APIs. Their API endpoint ( might be blocked by some browsers.

How and Why VerifiedNFT Credential Card

Everyone should have at least one VerifiedNFT Credential Card on their phone. You can have multiple cards! One for each of your crypto wallets.

  • Create VerifiedNFT ID

    Connect your wallet (currently we support MetaMask) and enroll your account with VerifiedNFT Credential Card. You can enroll as many accounts as you like. Enroll Now

  • Get VerifiedID Avatar

    While you can create a temporary 24 hour card without having VerifiedID Avatar or one of the promotional collections NFTs, the better experience would be to have cards with much longer expiration and other advanced capabilities. Get VerifiedID Avatar

  • Use VerifiedNFT ID

    You can use your secure VerifiedNFT Credential Card as proof that your wallet has NFTs.

    Start with the What is in my Wallet? or use it with any other Verified ID services as they become available.

  • Protect Your Wallet

    By using VerifiedNFT Credential Card you will minimize the use of your crypto wallets. The less you expose your wallets to different services, the less chances they get misused.